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Plants in the project (10)

  • Plant - Japanese Andromeda \u0027Debutante\u0027

    Japanese Andromeda 'Debutante'

  • Plant - Heucherella Alabama Sunrise

    Heucherella Alabama Sunrise

  • Plant - Coreopsis Moonlight

    Coreopsis Moonlight

  • Plant - Heucherella Sweet Tea

    Heucherella Sweet Tea

  • Plant - Lantana aculeata Orthenburg Castle

    Lantana aculeata Orthenburg Castle

  • Plant - Becky Shasta Daisy

    Becky Shasta Daisy

  • Plant - Mexican feather grass

    Mexican feather grass

  • Plant - Black\u002DEyes Susan \u0027Denver Daisy\u0027

    Black-Eyes Susan 'Denver Daisy'

  • Plant - Ostrich Fern

    Ostrich Fern

  • Plant - Catmint \u0027Purrsian Blue\u0027

    Catmint 'Purrsian Blue'

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