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What is GardenPuzzle?

  • Easiest garden design application
  • Place plants over the picture of garden
  • 2 versions: desktop app and online
  • Share your designs online

What is it for?

  • Create garden visualisations easily
  • Quick method to explore different variants
  • Perfect for learning landscaping
  • Great creative activity

Prefect for

  • Landscape designers
  • Backyard owners
  • People with green fingers

Main features

Easy to draw: just drag and drop plants on top of your garden photo
Lawns, paths, water and other surfaces added easily with brush tool
Structures library containing arbours, fences, benches, stones
One click design styling: old photo, watercolor, pencil sketch and others
Plant filtering optimized for the designer needs
Switch the view between all four seasons
Online subscription
Publish your designs online. No installation required.
Desktop version
Does not require internet access. Perpetual license.

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Garden Design handbook

Have a look at the Garden Design Handbook prepared for the users of our software by Izabela Parandyk-Zemsta. You will learn from it among others: