Hill front of house

lroaks14 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Plants in the project (7)

  • Plant - Rhododendron \u0027PJ Mezitt\u0027

    Rhododendron 'PJ Mezitt'

  • Plant - Japanese Maple \u0027Garnet\u0027

    Japanese Maple 'Garnet'

  • Plant - Annabelle Hydrangea

    Annabelle Hydrangea

  • Plant - Otto Luyken English Laurel

    Otto Luyken English Laurel

  • Plant - Hakonechloa macra Stripe it Rich

    Hakonechloa macra Stripe it Rich

  • Plant - Heucherella Sweet Tea

    Heucherella Sweet Tea

  • Plant - Lenten rose

    Lenten rose

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