front of the house

Peezyreezy 1 week, 4 days ago

Plants in the project (7)

  • Plant - Mountain\u002Dlaurel \u0027Kaleidoscope\u0027

    Mountain-laurel 'Kaleidoscope'

  • Plant - Japanese Andromeda \u0027Red Mill\u0027

    Japanese Andromeda 'Red Mill'

  • Plant - Aurescens American Arborvitae

    Aurescens American Arborvitae

  • Plant - Butterfly Bush \u0027Royal Red\u0027

    Butterfly Bush 'Royal Red'

  • Plant - Panicle hydrangea \u0027Limelight\u0027

    Panicle hydrangea 'Limelight'

  • Plant - Estern Redbud

    Estern Redbud

  • Plant - Boxwood \u0027Green Mountain\u0027

    Boxwood 'Green Mountain'

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